Olga Gigis

Sales Consultant

A talented negotiator and superior communicator, Olga Gigis provides
her clients with a seamless sales experience. From local market
knowledge to innovative marketing campaigns, Olga has every detail

Olga is energetic, focused entirely on her clients requirements and
finds her endless motivation from within. “I enjoy forming relationships
with people, which is vital in the real estate business. I’m genuine in my
interest and desire to make their dreams a reality. This is where my
drive and success and comes from.”

Empathising and understanding what it feels like to be in her clients’
shoes is also a great source of inspiration for Olga. She herself has
bought and sold real estate before, so she knows how stress can creep
up on you at times. “It’s a process that not everyone enjoys, and I
understand that. I try to be practical, organised, methodical and deliver
on my promises. Honesty and integrity are also imperative. The end
results always make it so worthwhile.”

In her down time Olga loves travelling, gardening and keeping fit and
active. She also enjoys the company of her good friends as well as her
beloved fur baby - British bulldog Albert.

Olga Gigis
Sales Consultant
03 9066 4688