Huge Success for The Block Contestants, Julia and Sasha

Julia and Sasha netted $660,000 over reserve at The Block auction!

Julia and Sasha get first pick of the auction order on The Block!!

They also won $20k off their reserve price. This added to the already $20k in their safe from a previous challenge win essentially means they have a massive $40k off their reserve price!

WEEK 9 REVEAL: Outdoor Terrace

Julia and Sasha lift the lid on their luxury Gaggenau outdoor kitchen.

Exclusive Q&A with Julia and Sasha

What was the inspiration behind their stunning apartment?

WEEK 8 REVEAL: Kitchen

'With the kitchens that I see all the time in my job with the magazine, this one ticks all the boxes,' said Neale.

We're on The Market!

A Stunningly Sophisticated Spin On Hollywood Glamour

WEEK 7 REVEAL: Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room

“This is perfection of panelling, cornicing,” said Shaynna, who also liked the lights down the hallway.

WEEK 6 REVEAL: Master Suite

'Ooh la la,' was Darren’s immediate reaction when entering the room.

GPTV Block Challenge - Can Julia & Sasha Fold a Fitted Sheet?

The Block is all about challenges and we have the challenge to end all challenges!

Gary and Jeremy Dropped into The Block for GPTV With Julia and Sasha

It's all happening on The Block at the moment. This episode of GPTV is a hard hitting interview with Julia and Sasha.

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