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GPTV Block Challenge - Can Julia & Sasha Fold a Fitted Sheet?

The Block is all about challenges and we have the challenge to end all challenges!

Gary and Jeremy Dropped into The Block for GPTV With Julia and Sasha

It's all happening on The Block at the moment. This episode of GPTV is a hard hitting interview with Julia and Sasha.

Julia and Sasha add $20k value to their apartment after winning over the buyer’s jury

A group of Australia’s top real estate and property professionals toured the Blockheads’ apartments, offering praise and feedback at the halfway point.

WEEK 5 REVEAL: Living and Dining Room

Neale felt that the artwork, paired with the table, chairs, and flowers was like a magazine cover.

54 Ludbrook Ave - Herald Sun Sunday Editorial

Richmond Coach, Damien Hardwick's former home fetched nearly $250,000 above its reserve price last weekend.

REIV Award Nominations for 2016 - 11 Nominations covering all three offices!

We are proud to announce that once again we are finalists in this year’s REIV Awards.

What Happens When a Property Passes in at Auction

There could be any number of reasons why a property may pass in at auction. Whether you're a Vendor or a Buyer, If you find yourself in this situation here are some helpful tips to get you through the process.

WEEK 4 REVEAL: Guest Bedroom 2

'Bling!' was the first thing Darren said when he saw the girls gold bed. 'That's cool,' he added.

Carnegie Is Going From Strength-To-Strength: From $397K to $1.83MILLION In Just 16 Years

4 Vine Grove, Carnegie; A 1980s time-capsule home lands its owners a windfall.

It’s Already Been 1 year of Free Coffee!

One year ago we launched a coffee van like no other, designed to create even more fun and excitement at our auctions.

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